Pharmacy Club

Sachdeva Pharma Club

Sachdeva Pharma club is a club of students and faculty members of Department of Pharmacy officially recognized by the GGS-Sachdeva group. This club is run exclusively by the students with the guidance and support of advisor from the faculty. As an administrative liaison to the student clubs, GGS-Sachdeva group assists Sachdeva Pharma club in many academics, extra-curricular activities and events. This club provides students with an opportunity to combine various aspects of academic and/or vocational learning into personal action. Through participation in Pharma club, students learn to apply the skills and responsibilities of leadership (communication, team building, problem solving, meeting management, decision making and conflict management) and they become involved in community. Pharma Club is a great way to meet other students with similar interests and have fun while developing lifelong skills.

Members of Sachdeva Pharma Club for session 2021-22

FACULTY ADVISORS:Mrs. Manisha Banga, Ms. Mrinal
PRESIDENT:Mr.Binesh Gupta (7th Semester)
VICE-PRESIDENT:Mr.Dapinder Kumar (7th Semester)
SECRETORY:Manish Tiwari (7th Semester)
TREASURER:Ankur Sharma, Phulkant Paswan (7th Semester)
EXECUTIVE MEMBERS:Palak, Rubandeep Kaur (7th Semester),Raman Yadav, Malika Thakur, Kirpal Singh, Ankita Dhiman (5th Semester),Palak, Yugam Bansal (3rd Semester)

Goals of Sachdeva Pharmacy Club

  • To Develop Technical and Communication skills
  • Self grooming of students
  • Inculcate leadership qualities
  • To Develop Managerial skills
  • Improve confidence level
  • Talent Hunt
  • Innovations
  • Team Spirit