Pharmaceutics Lab 1

This laboratory provides elementary knowledge about the manufacturing and evaluation of pharmaceutical preparations such as Creams, lotions, aromatic waters, liniments, ointments, syrups, suppositories etc. This lab is also utilised to teach about the dispensing of drug formulations and for above purpose this lab is equipped with following equipments:

Autoclave, Dissolution Apparatus, Disintegration Apparatus, Heating mantle, Homogenisers, Hot plate, Magnetic Stirrer, Percolators, Weighing Balance, Water Bath, Mortar pestle.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology/Microbiology lab

Experiments related to identification of microorganisms, their cultivation in different media and evaluation of antibiotics against them is carried out in this laboratory. Here students are made aware by using following instruments:

Hot air oven, BOD Incubator, Laminar air flow, Refrigerator, U.V. Chamber, HEPA Filter, Tissue culture station, Compound microscope, Polarising microscope.